Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Doug Dank and Push Push Theatre

Tonight, the Doug Dank Project!

Tonight, Push Push Theatre, Decatur, 10:00.

Show lasts about, what, 45-50 minutes? Straight through. Interesting stuff.
Only $5.
and Long form improvisation inspired by a guest monologist.
This week's monologist: Bart Hansard!!

Be there, tonight!

You may or may not have heard about Push Push's financial dire straits. Help them out if'n you can. It's coming down to the wire. The 15th I believe is judgement day.

Here's an excerpt from an email about one of their fundraising tactics that you might be interested in and would be an easy way to help, and you get to see Shelby Hofer of Push Push in what I've heard is a really good show:

Horizon Theatre in Little 5 Points has graciously offered to host a benefit performance of Bad
Dates this Sunday at 8pm. Tickets are a suggested donation of $20 and all proceeds will go toward PushPush Theater's matching grant. Reserve Tickets at 404-584-7450.
This is a lovely gesture and represents a type of cooperation that we can all be proud of. After the show everyone is invited to a gathering at the new East Atlanta Graveyard Tavern (note from Mary: pretty cool place. They have a vibrating chair in the corner--and a jack in the box. These two are not necessarily related).
This event will kick off "Operation Solo Push" (working title), a new Monday night series for professional artists to present solo work to a new audience. Email us if you have something we should consider.



Blogger rp said...

jack who? which jack? I'll be there sunday for some horizon theaterations. holla.

5:21 PM  

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