Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hi, how are you?

If I wasn't so fond of "Moisten Manapkin," I'd rename this blog "I'm sure you've already heard of this, but..."

NPR's song of the day today is "The Sun Shines Down on Me," by Daniel Johnston. Daniel is mentally ill and is now unable to take care of himself and lives with his parents. This song is from a recent retrospective called "Welcome to My World."

His artwork apparently was recently shown at the Whitney Museum in New York, though i can't seem to find any evidence of it there. crappy website.

But, his personal website is called, "Hi, how are you?" There's a bunch of his artwork here. For sale. Like this, to the right, called "If you just wouldn't be so verbal with your negativism."

And there's a picture on there of Kurt Cobain wearing a "Hi, how are you?" t-shirt, so...I'm not breaking any news here for you guys.
But it's news to me.
...or is it?
I ask the question because i read that there was a documentary made about him called "The Devil and Daniel Johnston." So I went to netflix to add it......and it was already in my netflix queue.
I have no recollection of putting it there.
And none of my friends have rated or reviewed or rented it.

where is my brain?
I'm hoping I was thinking about "The Devil and Daniel Webster."
But why would i put that in my netflix? Nobody has suggested that one, either.
Maybe I was thinking that Daniel Day-Lewis was in that.
He's nice to watch. in the dark.

UPDATE: Ok, so has a cd called "The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered." Here's the album cover---> ...funny!
Product description: "...stunning collection of DANIEL JOHNSTON songs recorded by some of his biggest fans should prove to awaken the music world to just how special (and actually alive) he is - contributors include TEENAGE FANCLUB w/ JAD FAIR, EELS, TV ON THE RADIO, BRIGHT EYES, BECK, SPARKLEHORSE, FLAMING LIPS, TOM WAITS, CALVIN JOHNSTON, and more!"
Can't believe they put Death Cab for Cutie as "...and more!"


Blogger rp said...

I saw the trailer for this a while back, it looks absolutely amazing. I'm putting it on the top of my queue right this second.

3:10 PM  

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