Thursday, December 07, 2006

For THIS i am greatful

That's right. Tomorrow (Friday, De. 8th) is the first of the WEEKEND DOUG DANK PROJECT shows! THIS ONE'S AT 8:00!!
We kick it off with one of my favorite writers in town, Jay Carlson! Visit Gush Party. It's worth it.

Here's his bio!
Jay Carlson will be self-publishing two books in 2007, so clear a little space on your shelf. He's best known for past glory hole, The Plug, which was something. And his 2006 album titled "For This I Am Greatful," was released under the moniker Smoocher, (note from Mary: I have it, it's awesome) which can be found as part of his latest website, Gush Party. Let's see what else. He's been sober for three months. That seems to be going alright, although he really beats himself up for watching way more TV than before. Chips and salsa sound kind of good. Maybe after he takes the clothes out of the dryer.
check the dank site for more info!

At Push Push Theatre in Decatur.


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