Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i smell sexy puppets

smells like rum and sawdust.
Rarely do we at The Doug Dank Project send out someone's life story - but this is way too interesting!
This week, Wednesday May 9th, we welcome Raymond Carr as our guest monologist. He is truly one of Atlanta's most interesting artists as you can see by his story.

home schooled by church clowns in the bowels of Los Angeles California, Raymond Carr has forged ahead to be come one of the top black puppeteers in the country!!! a good portion of Atlanta know him for his antics at dad's garage puppet slams and late night creepy horror theater and for his (taking himself waaayyy too seriously) avant garde crap at the center for puppetry arts, sprinkled in with a handful of kids shows every now and again, IF he can avoid it. and sometimes he likes to make movies with his company ninja puppet productions. and even more of Atlanta knows him for his insentient yammering about how he used to live in Iceland. 3 massive head wounds, cross country road trips in a puppet mobile, and straight edge living are the building?blocks of the raymond carr.
Hope to see you out!

~~~~~~~~Wednesday, 10pm, 5$~~~~~~~


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