Monday, June 18, 2007

That's it. Now, it's personal!

KEITH HOOKER! Is doing Doug Dank! Jeeeez, i've been waiting for this.

If you don't know Keith, you're missing out on something. Though you may not know the man, you MAY know his work, and not ever realize it. If you've ever been to or (for the rumored-to-be-hilARIOUS Simpson and Snatch show...) or seen any of the things i post here with leslie and john, et al, then you've seen keith's work. he shoots and directs MOST of our stuff! Occasionally, he's in it. He should be in it more often, as he is hilarious, as i mentioned above. Mayor Luke Weatherwax of Slampsberg, USA-- nuff said. Look that stuff up.

He's soft-spoken, but when he speaks it is meaningful, pertinent, and usually hilarious. His ego is tiny, but his heart is huge (so are his b#%$s!).*

Here's HIS bio as he writes it:

Keith Hooker was a founder of Atlanta's oldest improvisational theater group Laughing Matters in the 1980s and worked on most of Atlanta's stages with some very funny people.

In 2004 he started making short films at Dad's Garage Theater under the handle Lighthog. Working with improvisational actors and little or no crew, Keith has uncorked small gems like Aliens Among Us, The Other Side of the Glass and Cast vs. Crew serving as Director, Cameraman, Editor and something he calls "Bung-hole Boy".

In 2006, Keith won a Discovery Channel contest with a parody of the DC game show Cash Cab titled Cash Cop. You see? This shit practically produces itself.

Keith is married to actress Leslie Sharp (Blotter; Simpson & Snatch) and has two cherubic children of the kind you might see in popular sitcoms and movies. Family life has finally given Keith the emotional maturity to give up his self-conscious affectations like the black unitard and the monocle.

only 45 min. - 1 hour long
$5?!?!?!?! Ga-gunk! That's it?
Push Push Theatre in Decatur on New St. behind Corner Pub and Figo.


Blogger Robert said...

Keith Hooker's a great guy. A raging alcoholic who hates minorities, but a great guy nonetheless.

12:21 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

i think i made a comment on your blog at the exact same moment.
and yes, keith is a raging asshole of a great guy!

12:30 PM  

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