Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tommy Futch is worth the gas to drive to PushPush. I guarantee it*

Tonight's Doug Dank Project MOnologist is the one and only Tommy
Futch, loooong time improvisor, and founding member/current head of
Laughing Matters Improv group, as well as Dad's Garage Ensemble member.

This guy has hadd a life. He has stories about it. He is funny. He
is smart. I bet he even makes us cry tonight, with humor mixed with
just the right amount of poignancy. i guarantee it.**

Look at that MULLET!

PushPush Theater in Decatur!
Wednesday night
only about 45 - 50 minutes of improv based on real - life stories.

*no i don't.
*no i don't. but i'm full of pregnancy hormones, so i may be crying
in a corner anyway. feel free to join me!!!


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