Tuesday, June 13, 2006


1 = Construction worker outside my house, with the accent of Dave Koechner's character, Gerald "T-Bone" Tibbons.
2 = other construction worker, not as loud.
3 = apparenlty a boss.

1: What's your musical preferences?
2: Country, I guess.
1: Seen any concerts lately?
2: (unintelligible)
1: You know, Athens has some really good music venues up there. Ever been up there?
2: Naw.
1: Never been ta tha 40 Watt?!
2: Naw.
1: Aww, man, they have some really good music up there. But i guess it's kinda more....uh...more....
2: alternative?
1: Yeah. You know, I wish I'd been here a week earlier, I'da gone ta see Beck. You hearda him?
2: Naw.
1: Beck! You never hearda him? Aww man, i'da loveta see him live. He was over at tha Tabernacle, tickets sold out 30 minutes after they put 'em on sale. (shovel, shovel).....I guess most of my music is more hard core, though. Early 80's punk scene. .....But mosta them're dead from drug overdoses.
2: Know whenta say No.
1: Yeah, I guess. But there's a few stragglers still around.
3: Yall shut tha hell up and work.
1: I AM workin, don't mean i can't try ta have a conversation while i'm doin it! Damn! (Cackling laughter)
3: (mumble, grumble,) ..runnin his mouth. (mumble, grumble....shovel, shovel.)
1: (laugh)


Blogger Mulberry Panda 96 said...

What time of day was this? The construction guys 'n' gal who are working on my building can legally start working at 7 AM every weekday (and supposedly EVERY day of the week, although I've never heard real construction start until 9 AM on Saturday or Sunday, but that don't mean the "pre-show" can't start at 7 AM!) thanks to a wonderful city ordinance, but they usually arrive at 6:45 and start running their mouths then. I wouldn't want their job and couldn't do their job as well as they can, but for God's sake, SHUT UP!!!!!!

9:23 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

Oh, this was into the afternoon. But I loved it. And I was outside, so it wasn't something i could hear from inside the house. I was eavesdropping, though they were kinda talking loud over the machinery. I couldn't complain. BUT, they put up signs on the street saying "No street parking between 7am and 7pm Mon-Fri" and we only have street parking at our house! I mean, we have to park around the corner, not that big of a deal, but the places we can park are constantly changing, depending on what street they're working on. It seems I've heard them "constructing" as early as 8 or 8:30, but maybe that was all "Pre-show" stuff.

11:24 PM  

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