Wednesday, July 19, 2006

As r tends to infinity, let k do what the f it wants

i don't have any. don't plan on it. i think i had a brief thought of getting one. but that left. i think i'm just too cheap. dan doesn't have any either. ...that i know of!!!!!!! --what?
if i did get one, it would definitely be something weird, but small. and funny---- just like "Tattoo!" I wonder how many people have gotten tattoos OF "Tattoo?"
Awwww, snap. Just found a site. But no pictures! Side note: My ex-boyfriend from about 14 years ago favored Herve Villechaize. He was taller. but not hugely. i'm weird.

i used to think it would be hiLARIOUSly funny to get a tattoo of an Irish, fair-skinned, red-headed, freckled-face person's giant face, and always re-apply zinc oxide to the tattoo's nose whenever i was out and about. But I realized I had too much to worry about with my own god damn skin care, than have to keep the O'Zone off of Basal McMelanoma, a-thank you very much.

I thought this was an interesting tattoo. (read: doesn't look like it hurt much.) It's Pi! And he'll keep adding.

Then there's Ne-Ne, whose tattoo looks like it hurt a WHOLE F-ING BUNCH! Can't believe it was applied AND healed so quickly. YIIEEKS!
UPDATE: He says it's peeling like a mo fo.


Blogger Goatopolis said...

my sister got a tatoo of a cougar once. 2 weeks later she hated it and spent the next year and a half getting lazer treatments to remove it.

every year for christmas I buy her subscription to some Tatoo magazine.

6:29 PM  
Blogger maryk said...


7:19 PM  
Blogger Squirrels in my Brain said...

I think you should get a tattoo of a Jackson Pollack painting. But then it might just look like an accident.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous Josie said...

Bleeding heart! That's fabulous!

I have a very small tattoo on my left ankle, but for years have wanted others. Skip and I are planning on getting tattoos for our 15th anniversary in a couple of weeks:

His: "To be or not to be" in binary"
Mine: a "family" shield I of my own design.

My kids get tattoos when they decide they aren't Mormon, then are embarassed and want them removed when they decide to try to be Mormon again, then get another tat when they leave again -- Making me wonder if religion is more painful than tattoos....

2:18 PM  

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