Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Tim Cordier at Doug Dank

UPDATE: It was a GREAT show last night. Everyone was really "on," I thought, including Tim Cordier, who did a great job and was his usual weirdo interesting weirdo self, but a Great monologist--put lots of energy in the show. Hope more can come out next week to see Kim--will update to let you know if it's a fundraiser for the Girl Fight Club--and the week after that for NATTY BUMPERCAR!

Actor, talk show host, bartender, wife of awesome Claire, Tim Cordier will be the monologist for Doug Dank tonight at Push Push Theatre in Decatur at 10:00.


Please come out, and tell some friends!!

Next week is actress/funny lady Kim Wall. We do a mean dueling hairballs, and her small dog imitation is pretty flawless.


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