Monday, April 23, 2007

i like to fancy myself...

as a non-girly girl. oh who am i kidding, i just like to fancy myself.

but, if you know me, you know i'm not a delicate flower. I don't like to shop or spend money (except on mexican food, beer and margaritas). Shoes don't strum any of my heart strings, especially. i don't get pedicures, and my sandals are birkenstocks and in them i look like a giGANTIC hobbit. I'm an aggressive, yet good driver of a stick shift car, and like it that way.
I could laundry list the stereotypes here, but i won't.

but lately, i've found myself really liking hand bags.
what have you.

i think i feel it subsiding, and i'm a little relieved.

BUT, i just opened an old CVS bag, and looked at the receipt, and it says:
Pringles RF
Reese Fudge E

It's just true.

I am a girl.
I menstruate.
I want potato chips, chocolate and tampons.


Blogger ak said...

there has never been a truer cliche than the need for potato chips and chocolate whilst bleeding from your vagina.

3:53 PM  
Blogger John J. said...

Dunno if it was the part about being "fancy," potato chips, or menstruation....

....but all of a sudden i'm thinking about ketchup.

4:45 PM  
Blogger heighlo. said...

do you scream as your head spins around? and then your burst into tears and find yourself feeling much better as the right hand feeds you a chip followed by the left hand feeding you a chocolate?

6:54 PM  

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