Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Everything you could point at or poke hurts

head to toe.
face: sunburnt
shoulders: sunburnt
back: sunburnt, soar from boogie-boarding.
upper arms: soar from boogie-boarding.
forearms: ditto
elbows: BRUISED from skim-boarding, or flipping and pounding the beach.
hands: soar from boogie-boarding/skim-boarding; 3 blisters between the two from yard work.
boobs: soar from boogie-boarding.
ribs: soar from boogie-boarding.
pelvis: ditto
hips: soar from jogging.
fronts of upper thighs: scraped from boogie-boarding, and raking across shells/sand.
quads: soar from boogie-boarding.
knees: strawberry on right one from raking across shells/sand.
shins: right one scraped up from skim-boarding. (see above)
feet: blisters from walking a mile in teva-like sandals with sand in the straps.
heels: bruised from skim-boarding.

well, i guess i lied. You could poke at my hair. my hair and my scalp. and my neck's ok. point and poke at that.


Blogger John J. said...

Don't forget your finger and toe nails. Oh and your teeths and tongue... those as well. :)

2:27 PM  
Blogger rp said...

I kept waiting for the payoff, you know, the part in the Mastercard commercial where they say "Priceless."

Where is it?

1:46 AM  
Blogger maryk said...

rp: i hate those commercials now, so no payoff. unless you call slight bit of jellyfish sting on your foot the last day at the beach a payoff.

john j: nope! got an ingrown toenail just yesterday (along with the bit of jellyfish sting). but yeah, teeth/tongue, ok. watch me get accidentally tongue pierced on the drive back to savannah. ...

oh! and...if we can change our S & S taping on sunday, i'll be signing stuff at dragon con with the squids/athf peops.

11:11 AM  
Blogger John J. said...

Hawt. Hopefully i'll see you sometime this weekend then. :)

BTW: Are you going to that Unknown Hinson show on Saturday?

1:24 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

I'm not sure. ....
was planning on it, but then i forgot that it's the closing night shows for the Dad's Garage Theatre world domination improv tournament. so i gots some decision making to do.


7:46 PM  
Anonymous N. Bumpercar said...

sounds like somebody needs a vacation from her va . . .

i refuse to even finish that . . .

not really sure why i even started it from the get go . . .

5:07 PM  

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