Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Another Re-Post! Matt Horgan Steps in to the Monologizer Pantsuit

And zips up tight.

He's the monologizer so nice, we had him thrice!
Matt is a long-time Improv Ensemble member and actor at Dad's Garage Theatre, and has actually been on the improvising side of The Doug Dank Project a couple times.
Aaaand he is the significant other of the wonderful Stacy Melich, ACTOR!
So this is gonna be fun.
Maybe YOU'RE the ones who should zip up that pantsuit tight!

Push Push Theatre.
45 minutes long, no intermission

Got your zippers in your fingers?
....ONLY $5!!

Be there.
(she points to the audience, fingers like a fake gun, then smoothly transitions to a thumbs up, with a wink. She turns to leave)

(She forgot something, stops mid-step)
Oh, and tune in to Simpson and Snatch: Houseboat Party on why don't you. I think you'll like it.

(We think she will wink again, but she doesn't. She turns to walk away, and murmurs over her shoulder)
..unless you're an asshole....

(Fade to black)


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