Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A month to give Danks

It's November and it's time once again for Danksgiving!

Danksgiving is the month long charity drive where each week 100% of the proceeds from the show will go directly to the charity of the guest monologist's choice. 100%! Last year The Doug Dank Project raised over 2500 dollars for various charitable organizations. With your help, we can raise even more money this year.

If you would be so kind, this is a great email to forward on to friends/family.

they can mark the shows they can/want to come see. We would love your help in spreading the word. ....maybe just take out the obscenities i added to rene's original clean email. why i gotta add assholes to things?!

Schedule of Guests and Charities for Danksgiving:

November 7 - Tommy Housworth (local writer/actor) - Benefit for Girl Fight Club (healthcare fund for local cancer survivors) You've probably seen ONE of his previous appearances. Tommy is a great, poignant and funny storyteller. It's a night full of kicking cancer in the assholes. yes, plural. ??

November 14 - Hollis Gillespie (award winning syndicated humor columnist) - Benefit for The Max Beck Family (healthcare fund for local family) You've read her column in creative loafing for years, right? FUNNY. Touching. tickles, even. Did you see her previous doug dank appearance?? it-was-pretty-awesome. she's very good on stage. got to see it.

November 21 - Neal Hazard (local Atlanta actor) - Benefit for Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry. You've probably seen Neal onstage in Atlanta at one time or another. I've known him for YEARS! it's a funny story, ask me about it. wait, it's not THAT great. but if you wanna ask, ask. COME OUT!

November 28 - Tim Habeger (Artistic Director, PushPush Theater) - Benefit for PushPush Theater (award winning local theater) To round out the month, our GREAT friend and host Tim Habeger will put himself and his past out there for the sake of the theater. The space is home to so many 'homeless' artists, and it's time to give back. Where would we be without PushPush?!

Ticket prices this month are raised to 10 dollars. And all of it goes to charity.

The Doug Dank Project

Wednesdays at 10pm

PushPush Theater


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