Sunday, January 06, 2008

a little background on the Two Williams' House

Annette Stilwell is a casting agency in town. Annette has been in the business for aWHILE. And even if you knew very little about her (she doesn't do, or hasn't done, the actual casting in awhile now, runs the place) you knew that she loves her family. Then, earlier this year, not long after i lost my dad, she lost her husband. and in a very similar fashion. It was quite a blow. Then, later in the year, not long after i lost my niece, Annette's son was murdered, in Atlanta. just heartbreaking. Only 21 or so.
Trying to make sense of it, or at the least, trying to force something good out of all of this, her family teamed up with Clark Howard to build a home for someone in need. In Annette's own words, from the Clark Howard site:

"...And though my own home will never be the same, I am thankful for the memories that it holds. Our home has always been the gathering place for family and friends -- a vital haven of warmth and fun for so many years. The door jam holds the recorded history of each of my children's height throughout the years. Rarely was a meal served that Bill, himself, did not cook in our kitchen. William's room was his self-portrait -- uniquely expressed on every wall was his love for music and art and friendship.

To all who knew them I am presenting a very meaningful opportunity: In Memory of my husband, Bill, and my son, William - and in the spirit of family and home and gathering...
Let's Build A House To Become A Home"

more info can be found at the link above.


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