Thursday, October 02, 2008

gyugel reesults

"marriott cock squat" -- what most people don't know is that i'm known for this signature dance.

"mary kraft manapkin" --kind of proud of that. b/c manapkin!

"Burt Reynolds Stew" -- it's made out of moustache, tan, and fists!

"robert shields ran away"

"applebee's "tavern chips" recipe" -- always on here. this irritates and amuses me, though everytime i post these google hits with the tavern chips hits, i just get more hits. and so on, and so on. it's well-worth my time. ...

"boogieboarding pregnant" -- great idea, whoever!

another "marriot cock squat" -- Did you mean: marriott cock squat ?


Blogger Jerell said...

Mustache, tan, fists, and Cop and 1/2.

5:07 PM  

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