Thursday, November 13, 2008

Plasma Plants Vaporize Trash While Creating Energy:

wow. via my friend Richard.

"Recently St. Lucie County in Florida announced that it has teamed up with Geoplasma to develop the United States' first plasma gasification plant. The plant will use super-hot 10,000 degree Fahrenheit plasma to effectively vaporize 1,500 tons of trash each day, which in turn spins turbines to generate 60MW of electricity — enough to power 50,000 homes!"
Plasma Gasification plants generate much less emissions than standard waste incineration plants, and also cuts down on landfills, which are the US’s largest human caused producer of methane gas.


Blogger Widdi said...

This is fascinating!! And hopeful. I love that they say landfills are the US's largest HUMAN caused producer of methane gas. Cuz we know that cows are the BIG producers....

7:53 PM  
Anonymous Mike P said...

I got really excited when I read this. Finally that new industry I've been looking at getting into on the ground floor. Then I did a little looking around. Found this.
"Likewise, there is no data from any such incinerator to verify that hazardous byproducts such as dioxin, mercury and heavy metals will not be released. There is no precedent that shows Geoplasma will be able to pay for 80 percent of the facility with energy sales. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary: these incinerators have never been shown to be profitable."
---Drs. Donato A. Viggiano, Ron Saff, Donald L. Mellman,

Here is the link to that article.

I hope that we can get this tech down pat, cause it seems like a wonderful idea.

11:38 AM  

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