Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Sit Down, Shut Up" (2009) Wha-HUH?!

i'm really out of the loop.

I caught the last 2 minutes of this pilot tonight, and it was funny.

It's a Mitchell Hurwitz project!

The cast looks almost the same as Arrested Development, with the addition of Will Forte, Tom Kenny, and Cheri Oteri among others.

Henry Winkler's character is named Willard Deutschebog.

very exciting.
BUT---i've been watching more tv lately than i'd like to admit, and i've heard NOTHING about this.
so i hope other people did. and that i get a chance to see more of it.
Tune in next sunday.


Blogger Ed said...

I was SO torn on whether I liked this... I like the writing but the look of it just burns.

12:42 AM  
Blogger maryk said...

i was just thinking, i can't remember what it looked like ---- and i guess that's part of the problem. i look forward to seeing the next episode. the writing, and the timing of the deliveries is what got my attention, and caused me to look it up in the first place. i thought, somebody good has to be behind this.
i just wish we had DVR or some such convenience! if wishes and buts were clusters of nuts, we'd all have a bowl of granola.

8:17 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Im pretty sure that the same studio and artists that did Mission Hill are doing the art, which I like. But I have to say it is sooo bland, It makes king of the hill look like superjail! I think the story is too cluttered with big stars that you cant really follow. I do love Deutshbog, but thats it. I really can't see it lasting more than a season.

10:37 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

i did it again! tuned in at last, like, 7 minutes. argh!
i agree about the clutter--but like i said, wasn't there from the beginning.

3:34 PM  

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