Thursday, April 06, 2006

On immigrants

Richard Rodriguez says "thank you."


Blogger Anne-Davnes said...

Wow. That's humbling. There was this big fight in our neighborhood over immigrant workers hanging out at the corner gas station for work every day. They were never in my way - never rude - always gentle and never in my way. Doug used them twice to help with some yard work he couldn't finish alone. We fed them in our kitchen. They chuckled when they asked what Bjorn "did". We told them he makes us laugh. Their dogs actually work for their keep - were fed corn and tortillas - not meat like our animals get. Two different cultures. "In America, you have everything. And if you can't buy it- you have the resources to make it." In his homeland, the environment, erosion, etc. made it difficult to grow things. I can't imagine being limited in this way. We have all the space we could ever want. All the food, jobs and opportunities we could ever ask for.

I personally, am all for making it easier for them to become legal Americans. I think if we reward legalization, rather than punish them for being illegal, that positive incentive would do wonders. For all of us.

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