Monday, May 15, 2006

What you missed

if you didn't go to Pleaseeasaur last night at the Earl.

*drinking more than you originally planned because the show started later than you thought it would
*a big group of fun people
*Club Awesome, a band
*a free Club Awesome cd
*a lone drunk girl in a red dress that looked like the kind people only wear on soap operas jumping up and then dancing self-consciously to a Club Awesome song.
*red dress drunk girl yelling encore while band was packing up their instruments.
*a hilarious show by Pleaseeasaur.
*witnessing total commitment to comedy bits
*Randy's rape wagon and name somehow showing up in a song by a total stranger ("Strangers have the best candy").
*the best song about dog shit (or possibly anything) ever.
*a close runner-up to dog shit, a song about a limo company called "No Prob Limo" complete with a letter to the company from a guy named Brandon.

I see on his site that he's going to Fargo, ND on the 19th. That should be interesting.
Thanks to clunky for the heads up about the show.

So, please be careful next time you decide to not enjoy something I've heartily recommended.

I mean, We only have this one crazy life.
So, who's going to Doug Dank on Wednesday?


Blogger rp said...

me me! I'm going! Oh shit. It's thursday. this topic is so far down the page i didn't even see it til now. you're blogtastic.

1:07 AM  

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