Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I've started the sneezing-while-holding-cup-of-hot-coffee-season, again.
MUST get more small tables to have around!

This is IKEA coffee.
Dan was overwhelmed by his first trip to IKEA, yesterday.
He bought a messenger bag/briefcase, and a pound of Swedish coffee.
While brewing, the coffee smells like cat pee.
The Swedish are hilarious pranksters, that's a given.

If I only knew of a good place to get those TABLES!


Blogger Overdroid said...

DO NOT give in to the borglike vortex that is IKEA! Allright, do they have decent prices although lots of their stuff is cheap. If I had more time to spend I'd spend it there. My girlfriend calls it "I'll Kill Ya" because of the hard work needed to build whatever you buy there. She's funny.

Ice cream

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Josie said...

Uhh..."I love the smell of cat pee in the morning"... 8-{

The article is fabulous! The cat looks like he's saying, "Hey! Would I take a picture of you while you're on the can? If only I had thumbs."

1:06 PM  

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