Tuesday, March 06, 2007

OH my godohmygodohmygod

Well, that's maybe a little dramatic.

But, here's the March lineup for Doug Dank at New Street Theatre (Push Push).

March 7 : Randy Havens

Those are both pictures of Randy from "The Return of Dr. Rod, and "Cash Cop." He was also in our very first 48 hour film, "Aliens Among Us."

March 14 : Chris Blair
March 21 : Mike Schatz
March 28 : Steve Platinum
They get they pictures when they week come up.

All have ties to Dad's Garage Theatre. In fact, randy, chris and mike are ensemble improvisors there. Chris is a total nutball (he has both nuts and balls!). Mike Schatz makes me laugh by just sitting there. He's also in Aqua Teen Hunger Force (tv show and movie) as Emery. And if you've been to DDP more than several times, you've probably seen Steve Platinum monologize before. He's the wrestler/teacher/porn script writer/telemarketer/don't have time to list them all here/ with the awesome awesome stories.
All on Wednesdays at 10pm.

All are funny friends of Mr. Dank.

All are funny.

All are friends.

All are worth more than $5.

But all are still just $5.

All beer and cookies are extra.

But not all that much.

After all, Doug Dank would want it that way.


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