Saturday, March 31, 2007

The tide shifts

and this shit turns belly up.

it became apparent to me that a BUNCH of you are not familiar with Belly, the little store where the Highland Pharmacy used to be on the corner of N. Highland and St. Charles. This is a shame. Though it is stuffed to the gills with shit you do not need, it is also stuffed with reasonably priced old toys/chocolate neato candy things, and also, and more importantly, olive oil bagels (I highly recommend the rosemary dear GOD!) with breakfasty items to add. Go ahead and buy a muffin while you're there. They used to have cupcakes to fucking die for, but they weren't there my last trip. But i haven't been there in a year probably. Seriously. Rosemary bagel. coffee. bacon if you eat it. egg. cheese. Pay the nice girl! and get out before you sign your unborn kid up at Morningside Elementary and pledge $6000/yr to some church.


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