Thursday, March 15, 2007

One of those sad, weird rashes of loss

"He was one of the nicest guys i ever met."

what you leave behind.

I know it [turban] doesn't mean you're a terrorist! All I'm saying is can you please not wear it for the three shitty hours we're trapped on an airplane? Are ya keepin' up with the news? You're making everybody nervous! When ya get off the plane, make up for the lack of turban. Go to Bed, Bath & Beyond and just get yourself a turban that is so high in the air that you can't even walk down the street without tickling Allah's nut-sack!

Poor guy--his family says, in one story, he was dealing with extreme depression and psychotic paranoia. gahhhhhhh!


Blogger Mulberry Panda 96 said...

There are sad clowns and then there are sad clowns. Still, I never would've pegged Jeni as such. I just hope an Elliott Smith-type conspiracy doesn't emerge among stand-up comedy fans, seeing as how Jeni's girlfriend was at home with him when he apparently shot himself in the face. Then again, stand-up comedy fans usually aren't as obsessive as music fans.

1:11 PM  

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