Sunday, April 01, 2007

Couch - Very Uncomfortable, Red - $3 (Denver)

Thanks to a friend for the heads up on this craigslist post.

Couch - Very Uncomfortable, Red

Hello. Here is my couch. I hate this couch and it needs to get out of my house. It is the worst couch I have ever seen. I sat on it and now I'm in a back brace. I let my dog have the couch, but then he died on it, so I don't really need it anymore. I miss my dog and I hate this couch. I'm asking $3.75 for the couch because thats how much Buck's favorite chew toy cost me each month. However, I'll consider other offers. I would just throw this couch into the river, but I hurt my back sitting on the couch.

A little more about the couch:
I bought it 3 months ago.
I paid $900
It came from this swanky furniture place
I hate the couch
It is uncomfortable and will probably put you in a back brace

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Blogger John J. said...

So... does he hate that couch?

Wow, I really need to look at Craigslist more often.

1:35 PM  

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