Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Nerdcore News!


Big News!
Our guest this week has changed. For those of you looking forward to Preston Craig's return to The Doug Dank Project, our apologies. But, he will return this summer. Promise.
Instead we are lucky to welcome MC CHRIS as our guest monologist.
MC CHRIS was a production assistant on Aqua Teen Hunger Force as well as The Brak Show. He voiced MC Pee Pants four times, five including the movie (Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters) six including the video game just recorded in LA. BOOYAH! His voice also appears in The Brak Show where he wrote two episodes, including a rap opera which guest starred cee-lo (after his first solo album, pre gnarls.) His drawings found their way into every show including the last episode of Space Ghost Coast to Coast. mc was promoted to assistant producer and made on air content for the late night block, but a life in music was calling. So he took off and recorded a bunch of kick ass hip hop. After a year of doing pretty much nothing but touring, mc took off half a year to make his fourth album, Dungeon Master Of Ceremonies. It premiered at number 13 on itunes hip hop the day it was released, it peak at number nine after mc asked his fans to bump him into the top ten and onto the homepage. The album was followed by a record breaking tour and articles in Newsweek, High Times, and Playboy.

On top of all of this, he's a good friend, and he's super hilarious. But I bet he has some really touching stories, too.

Find Out Wednesday night May16th a 10pm.
at Push Push.

The Doug Dank Project


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