Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Kenny Alfonso goes around the horn with Doug Dank

I just love Kenny Alfonso. If I'm on a job with Kenny, i just know it's going to be a really fun day. Funny, talented, and super nice. Plus a talented hottie chick to boot!
I mean, I've had other jobs before, but it was like waiter, bartender, ski lift operator and photo lab girl. This guy has a little bit on me.... And must have stories out the wazoo. Did you expect an asterisk there, telling you later what his wazoo is? Well, i'm unpredictable.* You can figure out for yourself what his wazoo is.**

Sharing a birthday with Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix didn't add pressure to the skinny Spanish kid, it only inspired ambition. Raised on baseball fields in Tampa, FL, Kenny Alfonso spent most of his youth following a funny Dad and older brother around, learning to hit curveballs, and secretly wishing he was a Kung Fu-Rock Star. After a brief stint in a few minor league camps, Kenny spent time as a State Attorney's Investigator and Pharmaceautical Rep before retiring from corporate life in 1994 to enter the entertainment industry.

As an actor Kenny has portrayed a slew of colorful characters in
award-winning indie films such as; White Bitch Down, Moved, and the critically acclaimed musical comedy Petunia. He has performed on stage from coast to coast as co-creator of The Goods Variety Show with comedy partner Phillip DeVona and has appeared in over 70 national and regional commercials from McDonalds to GMC Trucks. Recently Kenny completed a stint on the Fox hit Prison Break and is on television every week as the Co-host of Barkitecture, a 'How To' show on the D.I.Y. Network and HGTV. On film Kenny can be seen in Just My Luck starring Lindsay Lohan and as former Golf Champion 'Eben Byers' in Bobby Jones-Stroke of Genius starring Jim Caveizel. In 2006, Kenny signed on as an Executive Producer with Between Films Entertainment to produce the feature film Petunia, a garage musical in 2007. Kenny makes his home in Atlanta with daughter Jessy and long time partner Melissa Ponzio.

The Doug Dank Project
Push Push Theatre in Decatur.
Still just $5
Still just 10pm - almost 11p

*still pretty predictable
**his wazass


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