Saturday, February 02, 2008

David Lee Powell, musician for "Squidbillies" will be....

...performing at The Earl in Atlanta on Feb. 17th with the Bouldercrest Singing Group for "Dunch."

VERY talented guy, and a lot of fun to drink beerz with, x 12.
You can see and hear him in the special features of the squidbillies dvd.
wasn't it you (DLP), Unknown Hinson, and Shawn (Coleman, from Doppler) playing free-style on different guitars as commentary for a full episode? I watched and listened to that shit live, while you guys were recording it, and it was awesome. you all improvised very well with each other. that was great.

wendell and david at the Unknown Hinson showHere he is, on the right, with Wendell Cox on the left -- wendell plays the guitar for Travis Tritt's band. Many beers sacrificed their lives this night for our sakes.

David, David Lee, who are the Bouldercrest Singing Group?

I expect to hear something in the comments.
Also, go to his blog post London Fog and i think a few of you will find great enjoyment in this story. I know it's long! Just read!

I've never been to Dunch, if you can believe it. Went once, and was a little too hung to sit in the day-old and day-of smoke with music (which was too loud).

But i'll try again.

and i won't be hung.
so i can dunch.

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