Tuesday, February 05, 2008

"I'm Sorry Chirrun..."

OH MY! If you know Marc Cram (human palindrome), you know you should come to this doug dank. If you don't know Marc Cram, i'm telling you, you should probably come to this doug dank. Marc was a long-time Dad's Garage improvisor, puppeteer and actor, he's a musician, playwright, and all-around-super-interesting guy. He had stories out the wazoo beFORE moving to Prague, and i can't imagine what he has to say now.

Our guest monologist this week travelled all the way from Prague to do The Doug Dank Project. Well, that's not entirely true. He actually just finished directing the Southeast premiere of Poker Night At The White House at Dad's Garage. the show runs all of February eevery Thursday, Friday, and saturday at 8pm. It features a lifesize Warren G. Harding Puppet, plenty of curse words, and more.

Wednesday, February 6th at 10pm

Guest Monologist :
Marc Cram
A founding member of Dad's Garage Theatre,

Marc currently resides in the Czech Republic.

He teaches English to kids over there and

is known the world over as Jive Turkey.


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