Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Electronics recycling, and that button i promised in the last post!

i figured out how to do it!
there's a button!
a purple, candy-like button!*

i didn't know this, but as of a full year ago, Dekalb county has set up a permanent electronics recycling center, as opposed to the periodic day of collection. Specific listed below.

also, if you don't live in or near Dekalb county, Mygreenelectonics.com lets you plug in your zip code to find recycling centers. apparently best buy and staples, among others, take recyclables, and best buy even takes used appliances.

And old DVD's and VCR tapes can be shipped to Ecodisk or Greendisk, if you're so inclined.

Though, i find that FREECYCLE.ORG is a great way to Re-Use your stuff, cuz people like your old shit if it's free. also a good way to GET free shit.

Dekalb Recycling Center:
Drop off Location:
DeKalb County Sanitation Division
Seminole Road Landfill
4203 Clevemont Road
Ellenwood, GA 30294
Telephone: (404) 244-4842
Hours of Operation: M – F: 8AM – 5 PM; Saturday: 8AM – 4PM
For a list of items accepted and NOT, go HERE

*that reminded me of Ren and Stimpy, which reminded me that i recently discovered that the guy that does the voice of stimpy also does just about every freaking great voice on Futurama, and is in almost every animated thing put on tv or in a theater these days. Billy West. Check out his imdb credits, good lord!


Anonymous n.bumpercar said...

Can I tell you that I love the Seminole Road Landfill?

I probably ended up going there 2 or 3 times - sometimes just to see how much my truck weighed as I was driving in . . . they weigh the whole truck!

And - don't even think that you are paying with a credit card - nope - you gotta bring cash to the fill baby - cash to the fill.

11:35 PM  

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