Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Samurai Davis Jr.

This is something i'm going to try to see. More than a few times. It's the popular improv format that follows the maniacal and illogical structure of a Japanese game show. There are consequences for losing. These are almost always awesome. This will replace Scandal on Friday nights at 10:30 at dad's.

The above picture is I think this is how everyone, including chris blair's daughter, should remember chris blair, forever. no matter what else he's done, or what else he does. Or maybe this:

These or Chicken Hand, the Pirate. It's win-win, really.



Blogger Overdroid said...

Thank God they stopped doing Scandal, who ever convinced them to do that crazy soap opera format anyway?!

I will always remember Chris Blair this way. Even though I only saw him like that once.

It's a very funny show.

1:41 AM  

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