Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Canadians are coming................

Do you know Canadians? They're funny. Well, at least these ones are. And any others that i've ever met. ANd they're not here all that often. And they're pretty brilliant improvisors. At least these ones are. And any others that i've ever met.

They'll be in town for the dad's garage world domination improv tournament this weekend, but FIRST, they'll be telling stories for the great Doug Dank!! Not sure which one(s) will be doing the talking, and which ones will be stepping in to guest improvise (if any), but this will be a doug dank not to miss! and probably a pretty big party-scene afterwards. I could be wrong, but i'm probably not.

May be Mark Meer of Edmonton? May be Becky Johnson of Iron Cobra? Maybe Graham Wagner of Iron Cobra? -- atually, no, he's not getting here til Friday... Maybe Josh Dean of Edmonton and tv fame? Jacob Bannigan? Alistair of Vancouver fame??
Mannnnn, you just cant lose with any of them.
Show the hell up!~!

The Doug Dank Project
PushPush Theater
Wednesday at 10pm
$5... what? that's RIDICULOUS!


Blogger John J. said...

Maybe it's Alan Thicke? If it is, screw the airplane... i'll run to Atlanta. XD

1:45 AM  
Blogger John J. said...

Okay, so it wasn't Alan Thicke... but it was still awesomesauce. Sorry we missed each other... are you going to do the ATHF/Squids signing again this year? It's on Saturday.


11:56 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

JOHN!!!!!!!!!! I went by the after party at Corner Pub, should've told you that's where people go.
i honestly, though, didn't know if i was going to come back tonight til 5pm! and wasn't around a computer.
sorry!!! but glad you saw the show!
i haven't heard anything from anybody about doing the signing thing. they may ask day before, like usual, or not at all. we'll see! have fun at the CON!

10:51 AM  
Blogger John J. said...

Aww man...

...I saw people walking up to this place... but i'd already called my taxi to pick me up. Hope you get the call for the Convention of Dragons (which may or may not exist)

11:26 AM  
Blogger John J. said...

P.S.: They do exist... [adult swim] proved it on Friday. XD

9:44 PM  

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