Saturday, September 06, 2008

Blessed event

as blessed this miracle be...i (and apparently anyone else in the history of babymaking) find it very hard to remember things, so i have lots of ideas for this blog, mostly little things, some pertaining to the glorious blessing wriggling inside of me, many with nothing to do with it at all.

i just can't seem to get them from wherever i am when i'm having the thoughts, to home, where my computer is. i guess this would be a good time for an iphone. Sure, a little notebook would be grand for something like this, but mostly the thoughts occur while driving, so, not so much with the writing or texting.

i'll try to be a little better about this blog???
make it more than the doug dank update?

I thought i'd be slowing down a lot, or have a lot of downtime about this point, so i'd have a more regular schedule, and time every night before a reasonable bedtime hour to sort out my thoughts of the day.... but it's really the same ole, same ole. and i'm glad. i really don't want EVERYthing to change, and don't think it has to.
And as far as i can calculate, that all depends on availability of reliable babysitters. So, ... due date is Nov. 13th. get out your calendars, homies.


Blogger Widdi said...

I miss you and I'd love to get together sometime soon and hear how the adventure is going : )

11:15 AM  
Blogger Captain Pleased said...

yours is Nov. 13th?

our due date is Dec. 14th!



10:38 PM  

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