Monday, September 19, 2005

"Give 'em a hand!"

"Let 'em live" is even worse. When a factory churns out highway signs like this, you know some department had a committee who green-lighted the idea. The government may have even hired a company to come up with that. But that's baseless speculation. Well, based on a hunch. ANYway, I just can't stand it. It's as if we are all going to be on the interstate, weaving and veering off onto the shoulder at 70-80 mph, MAYbe even speed up when we see highway workers. BUT, we see the sign. And it speaks to us on our level. It's not using the haughty "them," oh no! Now THAT would just make me more angry and my driving more erratic and aggressive. But this message is so familiar, so blue-collar, I feel as if my father or brother or a good friend is asking me to spare these workers' lives. Well, for Pete's sake, I will let 'ya live. Go home to that beautiful family, tuck in lil' Chrissy for me. But get on back here at 4:30 am, 'cuz I need this grass mowed, ya' hear?

"They" (same people, I'm sure) also did this same thing at the Post Office. I'd cringe every time I looked at the wall with the stamps. Above the Breast Cancer Awareness stamps was a sign: "Give 'em a hand." I'm heading over to the "Great African-American Composers" section, but no, the Post Office (read: government) wants me to feel bad about THAT purchase, "come on, lady, what's the matter, do you think your breasts' shit don't stink? Give 'em a hand."

Durffff, durrffff, durffff.

I DID want to post this here. It takes you to a site where there's always an adorable picture of some domesticated animal with a big "click here" button underneath it. Do that. Click there. Then it takes you to a page with lots of links on it, and when you scroll down, there are more pretty shiny "click here" buttons to click. Do that. There are sites for causes from child literacy to the rainforest---I think 7 in all?
And if you click on the breast cancer site button (It's PINK, for GIRLS!),
right now-- for probably a limited time because the pictures change--you
can see a drawing of people walking and the woman looks like she
peed in her pants.
Hurry, so you can SEE! (...I think it's gone now, but check back often)

My point on this is that it apparently IS a legitimate and incredibly easy way to help these chairites. says:
You can help disadvantaged women in America obtain free mammograms simply by clicking a button on a web site.

Status: True.

Follow the link and it states the same for the animal rescue, hunger, child health and child literacy sites, which all conveniently have links located on that same site. I put the link up in my Mozilla toolbar thingee so the icon is right at the top of my screen every day. Aren't I something?

One last thing about this site, it has ads/links for fair trade sites, with lots of very cool (some very stupid) stuff, gift items and whatnot, so if you do buy things on the web for Christmas/Birthdays consider these sites. The certified Fair Trade items are marked as so. I think the official name is and Something like that. And that's cool.
I think you should also buy Fair Trade Coffee. Hey, let 'em live, better. It has this symbol:

But I've also seen this symbol used:

Let me go and think about what else I think you should do, while you go and think of the consequences of NOT doing these things.


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