Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stylin' - profilin'

I just recalled a conversation I heard while in the bathroom stall at The Local several Sundays ago.
Girl 1: How are you and your boyfriend doing?
Girl 2: Oh. We broke up.
1: Oh, no. I'm sorry.
2: Oh, no. It's cool.
1: So you guys are still friends.
2: No not really.
1: ohhhhh.
2: He was fine, but it was just like, NONE--of my friends liked him.
1: Right on.
2: I mean, every one of my friends hated him.
1: Right.
2: And, you know, like, whenever we were out at a bar or something, and he got up to go to the bathroom, every guy at the bar would always talk about what a fag he was.
1: Right, right on.
2: "He is such a fag, Lauren, I can't believe you're dating him!"
1: Yeeeah. So, right, he like just didn't give you what you wanted?
2: Oh, no, he gave me everything I wanted, he was pretty much everything I'm looking for.
1: Oh, right, yeah.
2: I just, you know, nobody ever wanted to go out with me if he was coming.
1: Ohhh, that sucks.
2: Yeah, big time.

Probably pretty close to verbatim.

I stayed in the stall til the conversation sounded like it was coming to an end. I wanted to see where it would go. I was right....nowhere, and fast. Before coming out, I drew a mental picture of what I thought they would look like, and I was pretty damn close.
You know these girls. Go ahead, generalize. Sometimes there's a reason for stereotypes.


Blogger ablebody said...

you were at the local after all. everybody there is fairly attractive and about 19 years old.
what were you doing there?

5:12 PM  
Blogger rp said...

i was wondering why she dumped me.

5:33 PM  

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