Friday, January 20, 2006


Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World.

I love Albert Brooks.
Haven't seen this movie, yet, though.

He's so funny to me, yet ... annoying, somehow.
He can be or seem gaggy, yet he's smarter than that.
His delivery can be Catskill-ish at times, but once you think about what he's doing/saying, it's deeper than that.

In classic-Albert-Brooks-style, the link to the picture above of him has his name wrong. They have Alan Brooks. That's kinda funny, too.

Hmmm. He was born in Beverly Hills. Odd.
Oh my god! I did not know that his brother is "Super Dave Osborne"
Oh my god! I did not know that Super Dave Osborne's "real" name is Bob Einstein.
Why is his name Bob Einstein?
Their dad's name is Harry Parke. ?? And he was a comedian aka "Parkyakarkus."
This is simply too much.

I've heard him tell a story about working on Taxi Driver.
Said that Robert DeNiro was SOoo "method," sooo in character, that he wouldn't even talk to him between takes or anywhere on-set. Wouldn't give him the time of day.

Then he went to the wrap party, and he still wouldn't talk to or look at him, and it was then that he realized DeNiro just--didn't--like him.


Blogger Mack said...

Super Dave was awesome in his Arrested Development appearances. I saw a woman at Dad's last night that I thought was you from behind, so I went to say "Hi" and saw it wasn't you, so I just waved at her. She looked confused. I can't really blame her.

12:24 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

Oh, was it that girl with the great* ass? I bet it was that girl with the great* ass. Simple mistake. I've done that before. To that same girl. Her ass is really great*!

*great = huge

12:57 PM  
Blogger Anne-Davnes said...

I love Albert Brooks, too. Reminds me a lot of Charles Grodin - who also shared the screen in Midnight Run with DeNiro. The perfect odd couple. Grodin and Brooks are both so pasty white man whiney. It's annoying as hell but oh so funny.

And Mary - I'm half way through with your Lace Capelet and my hands are killing me.


12:03 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

You're not actually making me one, are you?
If you're kidding?
Good one.

If you're not?
Better one.

And I owe you.

4:38 PM  

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