Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Jen Kelley and Doug Dank, together at last.

Writer/Producer/Talent Agent Jen Kelley of The People Store and Sketchworks Comedy will step up as the storyteller/monologist for The Doug Dank Project this Wednesday night at Push Push Theatre in Decatur behind Figo and The Corner Pub. Jen was also featured as part of the cover story for Issue #3 of CinemATL with ...ahem...Mary Kraft. ...

Jen Kelley and the improv show= $5

beer/wine/snacks/cookies = $very reasonable. i'd go so far as to say fairly cheap.

CLICK for directions to Push Push:

10:00 pm
only about 45 minutes long.
Wednesday, July 26

(me and jen, jen and i, she talks, i plot. it's love, or muuuuurder...or both)


Blogger ablebody said...

hey, for once, we got HER a job!

1:25 AM  

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