Saturday, October 21, 2006

Booij is in de havenstad

from Trafigura's website:

"Trafigura's primary trading businesses are the supply and offtake of crude oil, petroleum products, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), metals and metal ores and concentrates.

....It aims at creating value for its customers by providing comprehensive supply or offtake solutions including trading, financing, ... at terms more competitive for its customers than could be achieved without reference to the international market. It frequently forms strategic alliances with local partners in order to understand fully the local dimensions of a particular market, ... to decrease costs and improve supply flexibility and efficiency. Trafigura works with its customers and suppliers to minimise their commodity price exposure wherever possible so that they can be assured of a stable margin from their businesses and avoid speculative risk.

Trafigura firmly believes that one of the pillars on which success is built in this business is strong financial management. Sensible and equitable risk sharing between business partners is the background to any mutually beneficial relationship."

How do they keep those costs down? By sending toxic waste in tankers to the Ivory Coast, and hiring a local company (Compagnie Tommy) who dumps it the backyards of the poor, causing deaths.

Well, that's one way.

"Two French executives from the Dutch-based commodity trader Trafigura which had chartered the ship that brought in the waste, the Probo Koala, were arrested and had their passports seized as they tried to leave the country."
"Trafigura maintains it has not acted illegally and paid a local company to dispose of the waste properly."

Yes, I'm sure they are free of blame.

They were also involved in the Oil for Food Scam.

They were charged with illegal dealings and bribery with the People's National Party in Jamaica.

They have ties to Marc "El Matador" Rich ("onetime fugitive billionaire, the most-wanted white-collar criminal in U.S. history until his controversial pardon on President Bill Clinton's last day in office in 2001," who "bought a house in the South of France and stocked it with hookers from Paris and flew in oil guys who spent a week at their expense,") ...awwwww. That's fun! "Whatever it takes!" was his mantra. Follow that link. It's very interesting reading about Marc Rich and the Rich Boys.
He trained many people in his commodities trading skills.
Trafigura was founded by "Rich Boys," as his trainees are called, with money from Rich.
I'm sure Trafigura had nothing at all to do with Comagnie Tommy dumping their waste there.
Whatever it takes.


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