Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ken Edelstein: Reader's Pick, Best Monologistificationizingility

Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!

Push! Push!




"The other day, Creative Loafing Editor Ken Edelstein attended his first Atlanta Falcons game. Although his wife still thinks he's sticking to vegetarian food, he ate two hotdogs. Ken was, of course, born in Dalton, Ga., and naturally moved from there to Venezuela. He still remembers the time his sister bit him on the ear while they were riding a burro through their neighborhood in Caracas. He was three or four at the time. The furthest he has been from Atlanta is the panda reserve in Chengdu, China, where a man who spoke no English apparently mistook him for a zoologist and allowed him to pet one of them furry little critters. The hair was soft."


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