Saturday, October 28, 2006


When i called a yard sale Brobdingnagian? And some of you went to to see what that meant? And when you saw, you thought, "What a pretentious dick." And the others of you who already knew, thought, "What a pretentious dick?"
Well, that yard sale, that was supposed to be today, was moved to tomorrow!
October 29th!

Here's some more info!
the Girl Fight Club Garage/Bake Sale Benefit!

THIS SUNDAY, October 29 from 8-3pm
335 Coventry Rd., Decatur, GA 30030

This is JUST off of Scott Blvd, not long after passing the Scott/Ponce split. Very easy to find.

This is a group that gathered forces a few years ago to help out one of our compatriots who was diagnosed with breast cancer. In lieu of beating the crap out of each other, the Girl Fight Club beats up on the cost of cancer treatment. We've managed to raise thousand dollars with our yard sales to help cover medical costs, and this weekend, the money raised is to help three of our GFC sisters who are battling cancer and medical bills.

You're almost sure to find most of what you're looking for, and the $$'s going to a great cause!


Blogger Overdroid said...

I think you're not suppose to talk about fight club. Oh wait, GIRL fight club. Got it. First rule is you are SUPPOSED to talk about it. And your feelings. As much as possible. And about what your best friend said. And about what you are buying your father for Christmas. And about what your brother did. And. . . Can we just have sex now?

2:01 AM  

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