Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jen Kelley and Doug Dank, together, for the first time, again!

Did you see Jen Kelley monologolologizing for The Doug Dank Project when she did it last?
If No? Then shame.
If Yes? Then you know she was a great monologistingperson. Great sense of timing. Great stories. Which made for a great improv show.
well....she's back! Encore!
Jen Kelley, fellow cat/animal lover extraordinaire.
Writer, Producer, Talent Agent, Performer
Wednesday, December 13th
Push Push
oh, look! There's me and Jen at Piedmont Park in movie theatre seats!

I promise:
sodas (maybe name brand, possibly BIG K!)
sundry snackeries
...there may even be hot mulled apple cider in the percolator! wow.


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