Sunday, April 01, 2007

weird timing

I posted recently about Mike Schatz who was in Laughing Matters and how i won an Easy Bake Oven at a show.

And i posted about Sloan Hayes, musician for Laughing Matters, who used to play with Starbuck.

What i just remembered was, at that improv show, they gave me the Easy Bake as a prize, then realized they'd given it in error, and it actually was SUPPOSED to go to......Sloan Hayes' parents who were at the show! Weird!

But they let me have it.


I took it out of the box one time, years ago, during the day, during the middle of the week, and started decorating it with the stickers that come in the box. Then the exterminator showed up, and in a TOTAL panic, i shoved EVERYdamnthing back into the box and put it back in the pantry. I just couldn't figure out how to justify what the hell i was doing. I never got it back out.

I just took it to a consignment shop 3 years ago, unused. It sold. I think i made about $10.

Thanks Laughing Matters and Sloan Hayes' parents!.......suckers.


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