Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Panty Punchers

So, a guy had a punching bag.
A punching bag he decided not to take with him as he moved into a new house.
New house, old bag, toss it out, he decided.
He decided, then, for whatever reason(s), to cut it open to see what was inside.
What was inside was men's and women's underwear, socks, thongs, bras-- dirty.
Dirty men's and women's underwear, socks, thongs, bras that stunk. not pretty.
That's pretty stinking funny.

Then someone else checked their bag.
Their bag was no different.

"Is my mattress filled with ladies garments? You know what else is people trying to save $1 for?" Haslage said.

"They said it took them a few tries to get a hold of the maker who said a new, non-underwear filled bag is on the way."


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