Monday, September 17, 2007

Best of Atlanta Shorts airs tonight, several other dates

Forwarding this from Pat Clark, who puts together this local show featuring short films from local filmmakers.

If you're not out celebrating Raymond's birthday tonight, turn your tv dial to PBA30 and catch "The Best of Atlanta Shorts". There are 4 chances to catch this masterpiece before it's put back in the vault, Disney-Classics-style.

Tonight @ 8pm
Wednesday @ 9pm
Saturday @ 11pm
Sunday @ 11:59pm

There's a flick from Dailies filmmaker Maxwell Guberman! How can you not support him?! And "The Bread Squeezer" is there, too! Yeah, that really swell last movie that Tal & Kasia made before absconding to NYC! Tune in sometime this week, then make for the website at


Anonymous Bill said...

The Disney vault is actually kind of scary.

2:31 PM  

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