Monday, April 07, 2008


whilst playing Catan! one night, dj nene had a song going that sounded like the chorus was "bang-bang-bang!" sung very quickly, over and over again. it made us laugh a lot. Then we found out it was saying "Hey Baby" and i believe it's by Bow Wow or some such, what not, such as. Wait. nope, it's not bow wow. i'll find it.

That was a great story!

Anyway, there's a damn bird that's been waking me up in the morning that might as well be singing that song. the "bang-bang-bang" occurs at about the same interval as it does in the song. he's doing it right damn now. it's funny, til you realize you wanted to sleep more.

But even weirder, right now, there's another bird who i swear to god, sounds like it's singing the flute march song from the battle of the Dead Rabbits at the beginning of Gangs of New York!
that shit haunts me---that flute thing, and DDL as Bill "the Butcher" Cutting being the best things about the film. (IMHO)
it's so WEIRD and dissonant and foreboding. ... not necessarily the tone you want to set for the rest of your day, especially on a crappy monday.

bang-bang-bang! on the other hand...


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