Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update to R. Land gallery

what a fun partay.
awesome odd odd crowd.
for $5:
lots of food
an ice cream cooler (i got an orange creamcicle!)
free beer/wine
some band that was really weird and great. i mean, like a marching band. kind of.
some pretty neat art.
i think my fave was painted on a camaro hood.
he sold a LOT of things....
and the gallery i believe i heard will be open thurs-sundays month of july.

My update is to my previous quote about his art being reasonably priced. For those of you reading who are sorta in the same financial dingy as me, that's not completely true.
he used to have some cheaper Loss Cats, and maybe still does. yep. and that's cool. this newer stuff is bigger. and more expensive.
What ARE affordable, and DO still make an excellent gift, are his prints, posters, smaller paintings, t-shirts, stickers, light switch plates, magnets, etc...... He's an excellent merchandiser, i will give him that. go r.


Loss Cat


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