Wednesday, October 08, 2008

how-to: dealing with ignorant assface jerks?

anyone aware of this book or dvd?
any advice here is appreciated.

how people treat animals--their's and others -- and their opinions about the welfare of animals in general, pretty much gives me all i need to know about those people. Domesticated animals need care. They need us.

the people we just moved in next to keep their dog --a seemingly sweet black chow -- chained up 24/7 from what we can tell and the former owners of our house could tell.

he has an old, little igloo house, chain's probably 8 - 10 feet long, but you can't really see what the floor of the igloo is like. but it is run down. he's not starving, they must feed him, there's water. but nobody pays any attention to him. except us. and the former neighbors. and we just put up a privacy fence so that our cats can go outside and not roam east atlanta. now, i feel terrible b/c the only visual and physical interaction the dog had is now kinda gone. i still toss rawhides and treats over the fence, but we can't pet him.
and winter's around the corner.

he's a black chow.
he's still sweet. as far as we can tell. just wants to be touched. and talked to. and paid attention to for a goddamn minute.

sure. i could file a complaint with dekalb co. animal services since they're "tethering" their animal without any supervision, and this is not legal.

But what. they come get the animal, and keep him for max of 7 days. those owners aren't coming to get him. an adult chow? most likely not gonna get adopted out of dekalb co. animal services.

And he's euthanized.

the former owners and the neighbors on the other side even talked of stealing him.
the former owner's dad thought about "adopting" him. This was the most promising lead.
but i've since found out that the guy's dad has Parkinson's, that is worsening, and thinks it unwise to take on a dog. very disappointing, but i agree. he needs easy and safe right now.

WHY do they even keep him? He is chained way away from the house, so it's not even like a guard dog, which i hate, too.

What do i do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i once stole a neighbors chained dog and found a home for her. the breaking point was when she was out in a thunderstorm with no shelter. steal the dog. is there a chow rescue group around? imo, humane euthanasia is better than a life of neglect.

11:09 AM  
Blogger mmyers said...

Our old neighbor's bratty kid let their dog out on purpose. We picked it up and asked them if we could keep it and they said yes. Their other dog, however, (a pitbull) was filthy and flea ravaged. We wanted to call the Human Society and report them for neglect but ran into the same thing as you guys. Add to that the worry that they would do something to our dogs in retaliation. It's a tough one.

11:18 AM  

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