Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Elena McNash's head just got skinnier

The lady at the Powerco Federal Credit Union just called me to say she'd gotten my letter, and was sorry I didn't get the service I deserved, and that they'd like to "work with me" on getting reimbursement for the fakeified twernty. I was wrong in my last post (or comments, rather) that they kept the bill. They did give it back, I'd just folded it away in the original receipt so I wouldn't accidentally try to spend it again. She said something to the effect of, if I bring it in, they can try to trace its origin, and if it turns out it came from within their system, they can reimburse me, but if it came directly from their money source, the federal reserve bank, they can't. I think that's what she said. Regardless, they would take the hit for it, b/c the federal reserve has a buyer beware sort of policy on counterfeits, and banks can't get their money back from them for fakes b/c then it would encourage the production and dissemination of fake money--if you could just turn it back in for real money.... I am excessively wordy and unclear. I am sure there's one word that means wordy and unclear, but that wouldn't make my point, now would it?
Anyway, she apologized that I had to write the letter. I thanked her for responding so quickly, assured her that my animosity wasn't directed at her (fat head) or the teller chick, but rather at the policies of banks across the board which put 100% of the liability on the consumer. She agreed. We both had a moment, we both hung up, and I like to imagine we then both called each other "bitch" under our breath.

But when I did it, I giggled afterward. I bet she didn't.


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