Monday, November 14, 2005

Krystal, wit cheese: or "Get yer hands off my hinterlands."

Finally got to see/hear one of the Squidbillies episodes I'm on. Actually, I was two characters. I'd forgotten about a certain ...uh, urban stand-up comedian bit. "Krystal's" watching a comedian on tv, lying on her mattress at the dump. While I was in for the "Krystal" recording session, I saw the stand-up routine bit written there, and just started doing sort of a Wanda Sykes rip-off. And they wanted to keep it. Thing is, I could do SUCH a better job of it, but I just couldn't work it up there, in the booth, on the spot. I was disappointed in myself---I've been honing that since 4th grade when I found myself in a kind of crappy public school in Savannah after years in practically all-white private schools. I sort of had to use my chameleon characteristics to adapt. I quickly found that the people I wanted to be friends with were Yolanda (funny and ka-razy), Iris (tiny!), Enrique (this guy was seriously hilarious, he had this mature, deadpan, almost comedian-esque delivery of the most mundane things), Kenya(sweet, sweet-and smart), Danise(beautiful) and Vicky (my best friend, and not-white, though I've never again run into another black Vicky). They were the kids that were nice to me, asked me to sit with them in class and at lunch. Wow. It wasn't that easy at the private school. So little by little I'd pick up colorful phrases and use them at home and church and frighten my family. The frightening hasn't stopped to this day. I prefer it that way.

But, in my defense, it was about at least as good as most of the Boondocks voices. Is it just me? Or do a lot of THOSE voices sound put-on? And forced? And I know it's not some "chalky" (as white people are referred to on Squidbillies) from Savannah voicing them. I watched it for the first time last night, and admittedly, I laughed a couple times---usually it was at something said or yelled by someone off-screen. And Adam West's randomness was pretty funny. But a lot of the voices sounded ...just forced. Unnatural in dialogue. And so many characters are so angry. I guess maybe this is part of the intent, or carried over from the comic strip? But it makes, for me, a less-enjoyable viewing/listening experience. There are other ways to get across anger and injustice.
Maybe it's the one-liner feel to a lot of the dialogue. I don't know. ....I'm starting to feel uncomfortable....

Anyway, so I was suprised last night to hear that they actually did use my stand-up voice for Sqidbillies. I'm not sure what the episode was called, the ones on the adult swim website are different from the ones on the cable info guide. Chalky Trouble or Family Trouble. I think they both have Krystal in them.

Hmmm. Maybe blogs really are self-indulgent. This sure reads that way.


Blogger ablebody said...

shut up.

3:29 AM  
Blogger maryk said...


but my favorite phrase that I picked up at Juliette Gordon Lowe Middle School was , "Oooh, Jive! Mama"

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nobawdy . . an' I mean NOBAWDY kin talk dat smack lak ma May-ree. Ise so prout . . . so varee varee prout dat she don be makin' some scratch offin her diamalectazizing skylls.
Wit much sista pride
- Tosheeka Dinette -

1:02 PM  

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