Monday, November 14, 2005

The bad news?

There is no good news.

Jeeeezus. I mean, come ON.
So, Leslie recently made some throw-away remark about how we should all invest in Morningstar Farms. I can't even remember why she said it. But it's something I've thought about before, to some degree. I do feel that vegetarian-type foods/products and organic stuff is a growing market, and it's only going to get bigger. The more bad news there is about mad cow and avian bird flu, the more my belief is affirmed. The earth just won't be able to sustain the current rate of animal production/destruction. Yeah, you just go ahead and ask me to site resources that support that statement. I mean, no. No, please don't ask me for resources to support that statement.

I've felt like a hypocrite:
1) because I have been, am, and would be in commercials for products that I whole-heartedly don't believe in. I do have a problem with this, and have always gotten by it by telling myself it's a means to an end. And then, later, when I am successful enough, I'll use their money to donate to causes opposed to the commercial ventures. Like Moby! But I'm just fooling myself.
2) because I have mutual funds that include some very bad companies. Very bad. I tried looking up some stuff up on some of the "good" companies, and this is the first site I came to:
It's chock-ful-o-links. So there, there's your references and resources. It is seriously depressing.

Almost any brand of "organic" and/or vegetarian food or product that you recognize from the grocery shelves has a family tree with a giant asshole hanging off the top branch. What-- I mean, what?!in the hell are we supposed to buy?

down the page (which I almost didn't get to because I was so depressed and overwhelmed) is a title:


There is some after all!
It's full of if's and but's, ...but it's better than no good news at all. There are still some companies that aren't sold out. So I clicked on the link to "There are healthy and tasty alternatives in all of these food categories, owned by companies which are locally/regionally- and/or family-owned."

Not Found

The requested URL /goodfood.html was not found on this server.
As Rosco P. Coltrane said, "Good news! Good news. Geeuk, geeuk, geeuk!"


Anonymous josie said...

it's tough to be "pure" about everything. Just about everything is sullied these days. it can make you crazy.

who can keep track of af all the big evil fish swallowing all the small decent ones?

it's nice that there are small farms, etc that offer alternatives, but then you have to take the time and use vast quantities of evil gas to get there.

it's become all about "lesser evils"

nonetheless, people of conscience keep trying. ;)

5:16 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

>>who can keep track of af all the big evil fish swallowing all the small decent ones?

Yeah, if it was just easier to have access to the info.... So many of those types of consumers are very concerned about who their money is going to, and will even pay premium prices for products thinking it's a worthy expenditure. To find out they might as well have been buying cheap big-corp. stuff.

4:06 PM  

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