Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Some of us (Leslie, Keith, John & Amy, Ryan, me) did this little show thingee out in Winder at the public tv studio there. Kind of a sketch show about this little town called Slampsberg. I got an email that it is now a podcast. Or, it is podcasting. Or it is on podcast...I really don't know what that means. So, I'm gonna copy and paste what I was emailed about it, so if you have the stuff that lets you see a podcast or do a podcast, you can see/do it if you'd like:
Anyway, here's the link for Yahoo!
People can also go to www.slampsberg.com/podcasts.html.
iTunes and Podcast Alley are also options (they just need to search for

We've broken down the pilot to 5 episodes that run about 10 minutes or so.
First one is up now...new one in 2 weeks.
Spread the word! Mary -- put it on your blog!

Here are the sites where Slampsberg is currently available:




Couple of points:

  1. Install iTunes


2. In you web browser, paste this link:


There is an apparent bug in iTunes where by hitting the “subscribe” button over and over again, actually counts as new subscriptions. So, guess what you might want to do…Click the “subscribe” button many, many times.


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